By giving us a lens to our own experience, theater allows us to explore issues of identity, culture, and emotion. Many Western performances use elements of Greek drama to build characters and plot, and many Eastern shows include puppetry, mimes, and acrobatics to create a rich story. Whether you are passionate about socially progressive community theater in Kenya or participating in an internship with a Spanish theater group, we offer a range of programs that will help you develop your craft as an actor.

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  • "Introduction to the London Stage" Summer Course

    Explore the wide diversity of theatre in London, using the city as your classroom and receiving 5 academic credits in three weeks from the renowned University of Roehampton in a course called “Intro... Read more

  • Arts Administration Internship in Florence, Italy

    Intern at a theater, opera house, dance studio, or other performing arts organization in Florence, Italy, the birthplace of opera and a mecca of Italy’s artistic life. An internship is not a trai... Read more

  • Arts Administration Internship in London

    London’s incredible opportunities for performing arts are recognized throughout the world, and with this experience you will gain hands-on knowledge to boost your resume and expand your worldview. Y... Read more

  • Arts Administration Internship in Spain

    Build your resume, gain international arts experience, and directly contribute to an arts company, all while being immersed in Spanish culture! By interning with a professional performing arts company... Read more

  • Circus Arts (Theater) in Costa Rica

    Share your theater and/or circus expertise by volunteering with a circus arts group that helps empower a community in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone. Specializing in areas such as acrobatics, mime, dan... Read more

  • High School Costa Rica Summer Experience

    Spend two weeks of your summer with a group of other high schoolers and Performing Arts Abroad trip leaders exploring the magnificent country of Costa Rica through the performing arts. The group will... Read more

  • High School Musical Theatre Training Program in London

    Join peers your own age for musical theatre training in some of the West End’s most famous studios...the same studios where they rehearse the West End shows! You will take classes in acting, singing... Read more

  • RADA "Shakespeare at Large" Summer Acting Intensive

    Performing Arts Abroad is teaming up with the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London to offer a unique acting course designed exclusively for PAA called “Shakespeare at Large.”... Read more

  • Summer Theater Production in Athens, Greece

    Spend a month of your summer studying the process of producing a play in the place theater was born. With the ancient city of Athens as your background, you will explore the roles of all the collabora... Read more

  • Technical Theater Internship in Rome, Italy

    Spend a month or longer interning at a Rome theater in the technical theater focus area of your choice. Depending on your background and the strength of your application, opportunities may be availab... Read more

  • Theater Internship in Spain

    Intern with a theater company in Barcelona and gain international arts experience! You’ll directly contribute to a Spanish performing arts group and build your resume, all while being immersed in th... Read more

  • Theater Semester in Athens, Greece

    Spend a semester studying acting, Shakespeare, and other performing arts courses in the place where theater was born! With the ancient city of Athens as your background, you will have the opportunity ... Read more

  • Theater Semester in New Zealand

    Study theater at New Zealand’s oldest university! The theater world in New Zealand is thriving, and you will have the chance to take courses in a wide variety of courses. Every Thursday and Friday... Read more

  • Theater Volunteering in Kenya

    As you work with Kenyan performing artists in the slums of Nairobi, you will begin to understand the unique role of theater in East African urban society. Spend time teaching workshops in schools and... Read more

  • Theater Volunteering in the Galapagos Islands

    Take part in a remarkable experience and gain an understanding of international theater when you participate in a volunteering project in the Galapagos! You will spend your time working with local you... Read more

  • Theatre Semester in London

    Study dramatic theory, performance studies, theatre history, and more in the city where modern theatre began. You’ll take diverse courses from prominent faculty at Roehampton University, one of Lond... Read more

  • West End Musical Theatre Training Program

    Take classes in acting, singing, dance, stage combat, and audition techniques in some of the West End’s most famous studios...the same studios where they rehearse the West End shows! You will also p... Read more