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I Came From Away… And Wanted To Stay!

Nastja Galič recently took a break from her Psychology studies at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia to experience the excitement of training in musical theatre in London’s West End!

“I am serious this time!” I told myself. “I. Am. Going!”

For so many years singing, dancing and acting were such a big part of my life. I took performing in a bathroom (to all my neighbors: I am truthfully and wholeheartedly sorry) very seriously. However, the possibility of actually going somewhere and doing musical theatre, seemed so far away. You see, I come from a country where musical theatre isn’t very popular (if you’re currently thinking of a very particular song, I do congratulate you!) so me having almost any kind of experience in musical theatre seemed very unlikely.

While browsing the internet I found an interesting musical program that was happening over the summer for three weeks in West End, London. So I decided it is time to trust my instinct. Close my eyes… and leap!

Photo courtesy of Adriana Nocco

As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by the lovely organizer and my fellow students (we got along right away). The Heathrow Airport was soon being deliciously kissed by dances of excitement, fear, love and sharing the need for music. And even though we couldn’t get ahold of magic carpets and had to be satisfied with black cabs instead, our journey was deemed to be absolutely magical.

London was… foggy, busy, muddy and just every aspect of the word wonderful. I loved it! People were so kind, our living facilities lovely and streets of many, many theaters impossibly ravishing.

Photo courtesy of Casie Pepe

I was so excited for our classes I forgot to be nervous completely! We were first introduced to our two delightful organizers. After a short “get to know each other” we started our classes of singing, dancing and acting. If I say that I enjoyed myself, it would be an understatement. The teachers were so professional yet approachable. We were sweating, laughing, trying and simply living. Musical workshops where we worked on a specific musical were extremely exciting too! We did Chicago, Matilda, Les Miserables, Wicked and many more! Everybody was so talented it was almost overwhelming.

Even though our schedules were quite full, we still found some time to go around London for some sightseeing or visiting shows. It was great seeing what you learned in a classroom being actually performed on stage. I will never get over the sheer talent of the people working in theatre.

Photo courtesy of Bridget Thesing

But as all good things do, the program had to come to an end as well. I cannot tell you just how devastated I was. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful experience. I met so many amazing people, made a lot of new friends, saw so many breathtaking shows and learned a whole lot about the industry and the arts themselves. I miss it a lot. It was a dream come true. Something I will never forget. For the first time in my life I felt like I truly belonged somewhere. And as two wise young women once said: I have been changed for good.

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