Music is a universal language that allows us to communicate without words. Every society has its own way of telling stories through its unique melodies and rhythms.

Whether your interest is studying Italian opera or volunteering in a Costa Rican music school or interning at a music studio in Barcelona, we can help you find the music program that is right for you.

Our Music Programs

Music Education in South Africa

Join an academy empowering youth through music, ride an elephant, jam with local musicians, and discover a new part of yourself in White River, South Africa.

Music for Social Change in Kenya

Music is changing lives for the better in the slums of Nairobi. See for yourself as you lead workshops and collaborate with musicians who will change your perspective on music forever.

Music Internship in Ecuador

Rediscover your musical passion as you intern abroad with a foundation in Quito offering music therapy and education to people with disabilities.

Music Summer Study in Florence

Spend your summer exploring the musical excellence of Florence with one-on-one instruction and the beauty of the Tuscany region in your backyard.

Music Therapy and Education in Ecuador

Experience the awesome power of music to create social change as you volunteer abroad with a foundation offering music therapy and education to people with disabilities.

Music Training in Ghana

Feel the rhythm of Ghana as you train in drumming, xylophone, and other percussion with West African masters.

Music Volunteering in Costa Rica

In a country with no military, many government funds support music education. Join a powerful movement to bring music to every young person in Costa Rica, and live with a homestay family in the bustling capital of San Jose.

Music Volunteering in the Philippines

In an area where most musical instruments were completely destroyed by a devastating typhoon, your contribution as a guest music teacher will make all the difference.

Performing Arts Internship in Florence

Intern at a theatre, opera house, dance studio, or other performing arts organization in Florence…the birthplace of opera and a mecca of Italy’s artistic life.

Summer Music and Cultural Immersion in Ghana

Discover the rhythm of Ghana through intensive music training and a journey around the country to rainforests, national parks, ancient cities, transatlantic slave trade castles, beaches, and markets.

“During these three weeks, I learned more about music than I had in three years of University. The experience was not just one of great significance and growth, but one that I cannot wait to repeat!”

“One part of the trip that was especially inspiring was when I taught a young boy, around 10 years old, how to read music for the first time. He had been playing violin for 6 years but didn’t read music, just played by ear and mimicking what he heard. Teachers tried to show him to read music without success, but I guess what I said to him clicked because he is understanding much better and told me that I was a good teacher! I have never been so pleased in my life.”

“I am very glad I decided to participate in this program. I feel I really got the most out of my experience: teaching private lessons, volunteering with a public school music teacher, traveling and performing in another country, meeting people from all over the world. I hope to go back soon and recommend this program to anyone interested in gaining teaching experience abroad.”

“Going abroad to Costa Rica through a volunteer music program was the adventure of a lifetime!”

“Working with the students in Ecuador through PAA was incredible. My spanish wasn’t the best, and their English wasn’t great either, but through music we could communicate and grow.”

“Going to the Galápagos with Performing Arts Abroad changed my life. Between working with my students at the music school, meeting so many new people, and exploring one of the most beautiful places in the world, I could not have asked for a better experience.”

“I was very satisfied with my travel experience. I found my home in Ghana and I look forward to more traveling experiences there. I enjoyed the activities. I enjoyed the dance classes as well as the singing classes. I fully enjoyed my time in Ghana.”

“It was incredibly refreshing to learn how another culture experiences music. With the opportunity to learn Irish Traditional Music, I was able to enjoy music free from any competitive atmosphere. I felt free to try new instruments and I felt welcomed by musicians of all levels. Experiencing music from a different cultural context brought new life into my approach towards music. Music became a means of therapy rather than a means to gain a competitive edge. This was just the kind of trip I needed to bring life into my own approach towards composition and performance.”

“PAA was by far one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Not only did I learn a great deal about the Italian culture, customs, and language, as well as meet amazing people, but I also grew so much as a singer. I studied for six weeks in the heart of Florence under the tutelage of Susanna Piccardi. Susanna taught me more in those six weeks than I have ever learned in all of my years of singing. Concepts that once seemed foreign to me, or large abstract ideas that did not quite make sense before, she broke down so clearly, and explained them (in a fantastic Italian accent, I might add!) in such a way that I understood them immediately. She took me from being a “college-level” singer, to a pre-professional singer. I would love to return to Florence with PAA to study with her again in the coming years. Thank you, PAA!”

“The volunteer program in the Philippines was a very meaningful and enriching experience.”

“Through Performing Arts Abroad, I was able to understand why music matters. From riding an elephant to playing in a jazz band, I don’t think I could ever get an experience like this anywhere else!”

“My summer trip to Barcelona, through PAA, was a life-changing experience for me. From the food, to the sites, to the people I met, I consider it to be one of the greatest cities I have ever visited. The PAA program went to great lengths to individualize a music internship for me at a fantastic music school that met both my professional and academic interests. While at my internship, I had the opportunity to work with a great mentor who went out of her way to guide me and make sure I gained a lot of hands-on experience. It was also a pleasure to work with the students and improve my Spanish along the way. I loved working at my internship so much that I am still currently working for them, as I am organizing all their piano music for the upcoming year. I also had the opportunity to live with a warm, caring Spanish family and their two boys, an experience that further enabled me to improve my Spanish speaking and comprehension skills. It also provided the opportunity for a cultural exchange experience. Lastly, I had the opportunity to travel to other parts of Spain including Valencia, Montserrat, and Madrid. The trip to Valencia was an organized excursion, which was very well run. Overall, the PAA program was very organized from my pre-departure to my return to the United States. There were always people available in Barcelona to answer any questions or troubleshoot any problems. Thanks to PAA for this great opportunity!”

“Doing a music internship in Barcelona has changed my life. I never thought that just 2 months would affect my worldview and future aspirations so much, but it has. My internship was challenging, but it helped me with my Spanish and allowed me to see business from a more open-minded view. I got to become best friends with my roommates in the program, explore Barcelona and other parts of Europe, practice Spanish, perform music, and experience amazing things.”

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