In Ghana, there is a fascinating intersection between old and new, traditional and modern. Lonely Planet notes that “you’ll see men and women in traditional clothes text messaging friends and suited businessmen taking offerings to tribal chiefs.”

From the moment you step off the plane, you will be blown away by the gracious hospitality you encounter from all of Ghana’s numerous and diverse ethnic groups. While there is no huge iconic landform such as Lake Victoria or Mt. Kilimanjaro in East Africa (see our Kenya programs for more details), Ghana is blessed with hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches, as well as intriguing landmarks such as Cape Coast Castle, a chilling reminder of the country’s role in the Atlantic slave trade many centuries ago.

Ghana is easy to navigate, especially with the help of our local guides, and is sometimes called “Africa for beginners,” due in large part to the prominence of English as an official national language, and the country’s notable lack of violence or political conflict in its recent history. The performing arts permeate every facet of society, and in many cultures, music and dance represent the most sacred aspects of life.

Our Ghana Programs

Dance Training in Ghana

Let the rhythms of Ghana move you as you train in West African dance at a center focused on cross-cultural collaboration.

Music Training in Ghana

Feel the rhythm of Ghana as you train in drumming, singing, xylophone, and other percussion with West African masters.

Summer Dance and Cultural Immersion in Ghana

Travel Ghana with a group of Africa enthusiasts and performing artists while receiving state of the art dance training from some of Ghana’s most accomplished dancers and musicians.

Summer Music and Cultural Immersion in Ghana

Discover the rhythm of Ghana through intensive music training and a journey around the country to rainforests, national parks, ancient cities, transatlantic slave trade castles, beaches, and markets.

I learned so much, not only art, music and dance, but important life lessons. Everyone was so giving and accommodating. The teachers were really thorough with dancing instructions…I learned how to make Adinkra prints, batik, calabash bowl and jewelry art, and basket weaving. I had the most amazing and personal experience!

“During these three weeks, I learned more about music than I had in three years of University. The experience was not just one of great significance and growth, but one that I cannot wait to repeat!”

“I could not be happier with my experience in Ghana. It wasn’t always easy and definitely required me to be open to new things and personal growth, but I learned so much and met amazing people. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.”

“I was very satisfied with my travel experience. I found my home in Ghana and I look forward to more traveling experiences there. I enjoyed the activities. I enjoyed the dance classes as well as the singing classes. I fully enjoyed my time in Ghana.”

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