Film is quickly replacing live performance as the most popular medium for storytelling in many places. Technological advancements over the past few decades, coupled with creativity and ingenuity, has led to an explosion of genres, styles, and ways of presenting stories through film.

With PAA’s film programs, you have the opportunity to explore this medium in a different cultural context, and how societies around the world are inventing and reinventing themselves through the lens of cinema.

Our Film Programs

Acting for Film in Florence

Train in film acting with working industry professionals from New York City and Europe, with the breathtaking city of Florence as your backdrop.

Acting for Film in Paris

Train in film acting with working industry professionals from New York City, Paris and beyond, with the breathtaking city of Paris as your backdrop.

Filmmaking in Florence

Train in filmmaking with working industry professionals and write, direct, shoot, and edit your own films with the breathtaking city of Florence as your backdrop!

Filmmaking in Paris

Write, direct, shoot, and edit your own films in the city where cinema was born.

Performing Arts Internship in Florence

Intern at a theatre, opera house, dance studio, or other performing arts organization in Florence…the birthplace of opera and a mecca of Italy’s artistic life.

Just one unforgettable experience. I made friends for life and I discovered what kind of path I want to make in my career. I also discovered things about myself I didn’t know before. I wish it never ended.

“The in-country staff were incredibly friendly and helpful and supportive. Just great!”

“Performing Arts Abroad (PAA) is a wonderful organization that allows you to gain valuable work experience, contribute to a new community, develop lasting relationships, travel and (in my case) learn a new language. PAA creates a comfortable experience abroad with their assistance and support.”

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In Front of the Camera in Florence

Jeremy Barnes is a Senior at Knox College, majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Film. He spent six weeks over the summer getting a taste of what it’s like to act in front of the camera during PAA’s Acting…


Mae in South Africa

Mae Vader is an Electronic Arts student at Bard College with a focus on film production and studies. This summer she participated in PAA’s Film internship in South Africa. My name is Mae, and for preparation’s sake, I am very…

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