Performing Arts Abroad Scholarship Database

Our staff maintains a database of over 50 scholarships that can be used by our participants on their programs. We update this database three times each year. It is presented in a Google Sheet that allows you to create filters and sort each column so you can find opportunities specific to you. Access the database here.


Bring a Friend

Anytime someone writes your name in the “Referred from a Friend” field on their paid application, you and your friend each receive $100 off your program. You recruit 5 of your friends to join? That’s $500 off for you and $100 off for each of them!


We often have travelers combine programs for a multi-destination experience. For every program after the first one, we will take $500 off. For example, if you’re doing three weeks in our Circus Arts in Costa Rica program, then off to London to study Shakespeare at the Globe, and ending your experience with a month training in West African dance in Ghana, that’s $1,000 off!

Alum Discount

Many of our alums come back a year or more after their program ready for more! As a PAA alum, you receive an automatic $500 off any program on our website.


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