Program Overview

Spend a semester training at the best university dance program in all of the United Kingdom. Classes are offered in a variety of styles and levels by renowned dancers from all over the world, including an official partnership with the Royal Ballet. You can choose to have a full course load of dance intensive studio classes, or include courses in dance studies and theory also. As with all PAA semester programs, you can also choose courses from the university’s offerings in other disciplines. You will stay in a single room in an on-campus house and will have the chance to meet students from all over the world. Our Site Director Anna will lead regular trips and excursions including a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum for a guided tour of the Theatre and Performance Collection, a day trip by train to Bath to see the Fashion Museum, Roman Baths, and Victoria Art Gallery, and a day trip by train to Stratford-Upon-Avon to visit Shakespeare’s birthplace and grave, tour backstage at the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) theatres, and attendance at an RSC performance.

“I had no idea that study abroad opportunities for dance majors were available. PAA made this possible for me and I’m very grateful. I highly recommend every dance student to experience dance in a new culture and add a new perspective to their dance repertoire.”

Performing Arts Points of Interest

English National Ballet

The English National Ballet is one of the four major ballet companies in Great Britain alongside The Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, and the Scottish Ballet. The company employs an internationally diverse group of dancers and a symphony orchestra known as the English National Ballet Philharmonic. The company has performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London as well as international tours. The English National Ballet offers classes ranging from beginner to advance as well as dance workshops.

Rivoli Ballroom

The Rivoli Ballroom is one of the last remaining ballrooms preserved in the 1950s style architecture. The ballroom attracts an eccentric, enthusiastic crowd looking for a fun night of dancing and dressing up from “night out” clothes to David Copperfield inspired costumes. Open infrequently to the pubic, check the website and Facebook to find out their next event.

The Rivoli Ballroom has been a location for many TV shows, movies, and music videos. Musicians such as Kings of Leon, Florence and the Machine, and The White Stripes have used the ballroom for music videos and gigs.

The Place

Hailed as one of the most exciting, innovative dance spaces The Place, is a space that houses the London Contemporary Dance School, the Richard Alston Dance Company, and a 280 seat theatre. The Place offers classes, workshops, and other professional development opportunities for artists young and old. Performances are open to the public year round as well as festivals and special events. The Place is a member of the European Dancehouse Network aimed to support UK artists.

PAA Home Base

Throughout your program in London, your home base will be the University of Roehampton. You will stay in a single room and take courses in the iconic dance studios from faculty in the best university dance program in the entire country. Roehampton is located about a half hour commute from the center of London, tucked away on a beautiful campus near the tennis club where Wimbledon is played, complete with green fields, quaint ponds, and families of geese roaming the grounds.

About the Location

London is filled with some of the world’s most diverse and celebrated dance groups, and offers more performing opportunities than can be imagined. In fact, we’ve had dancers on our programs join professional dance companies following their semester through contacts made during their time studying. London’s exciting energy is contagious and will have you hooked the moment you arrive. In addition to the vibrant dance scene, you will have the chance to explore the historical, political, and cultural landmarks of the city with other students. From Big Ben to Westminster Abbey, learn what it means to call London home.


Spend the semester immersed in the life of a British student by living in student villages right on campus. You will have your own room in a six to eight bedroom suite that you share with other British and international students. Your floor will have a spacious common area as well as a full kitchen where you can save money by cooking yourself meals. Take advantage of this small group setting to build friendships and community while you study abroad. Classroom buildings, the student center, and restaurants are all nearby. Enjoy the independence of living on your own while still creating lasting relationships with other students.


You will have your own single room in the housing. PAA usually has at least a dozen students on campus each semester studying dance and theatre, who join hundreds of study abroad students from all over the world. You will spend most of your time with other students in the dance department, as you log studio time and collaborate on performance pieces.

A Day in the Life

The Participant Experience

The sweat rolls off your face as you begin the sequence again. You see your British friend in the mirror sweating right beside you. The big final showcase is next week, and things are really starting to come together. The stress of the end of the semester is accompanied by an incredible sense of accomplishment as you’ve succeeded in three studio classes including a collaboration with the Royal Ballet. Tomorrow you will join other Performing Arts Abroad students to see a performance at the iconic Royal Albert Hall, and the weekend will include an excursion to Bath and a personal trip to the Harry Potter studios to see how the movies were made and drink a butterbeer on the Hogwarts set. And to top it all off, you have an audition with a local dance company who wants you to come back and join them on a tour next upcoming summer. When you arrived, you were missing home. Now, you never want to leave.

On Arrival

You will book your flight to arrive at Heathrow Airport in London (LHR) before 12:00 p.m. on the arrival day. A PAA Roehampton representative will be waiting at a pre-arranged meeting point, and you will be directed to a bus that will take you to campus.

Upon arrival on campus, you will meet our site director Anna who will give you a welcome pack and help you find your room. Your first afternoon will be a chance to unpack, settle in, meet other students, and join a Roehampton welcome dinner. The following day, Roehampton will lead several on-site orientation activities so that you will be prepared for your experience in London and can begin to get to know other students. The next day you will finalize your registration and class enrollment. Anna will take you out for a Welcome Meal and an additional orientation. This orientation will include important information about the city, an overview of British culture, information about the performing arts scene in London, food, transportation, and other need-to-knows. The following day, you will join additional university orientation activities, such as a “Photo Frenzy Day”, which is an epic photo scavenger hunt that will take you into central London for a chance to win a prize!

A Typical Day

The following few days will include additional pre-class activities, and classes will begin shortly thereafter. For the rest of the program, you will be living on campus going to class and exploring the city on your own as a student in London. We will provide excursions and cultural activities throughout your semester, and several day trips included in the cost of the program.

Host Group

Add to your dance skill set and gain international experience while you spend a semester focusing on your development as a performer. From ballet and modern to hip-hop and beyond, you’ll be able to pick the dance courses that are right for you at London’s best university dance program, at the University of Roehampton. Train under distinguished professors and feel the benefit of small classes where you are immersed with local Londoners, as well as other international dancers. The university is located about 30 minutes from London’s bustling downtown and is a close-knit community filled with historically picturesque buildings. Thanks to the unparalleled international student support and the friendly, lively campus, you will feel at home the minute you step off the plane.

Support Staff

Support Staff

Support Staff

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My semester at Roehampton was a life-changing experience. With the incredible help of PAA, I was able to spend five indescribable months studying theatre in London. I met people from all over the world, saw game-changing theatre all over the city, and learned so much not only about theatre, but also myself.

“It was amazing to meet people from all around the world that share with me passions and dreams. This goes over any cultural difference. The city was great and the classes very interesting and useful, I hope to have the chance to do another program like this again!”

“I had a great time while studying abroad. I learned so much. I would honestly do it again if given the opportunity. I met a lot of amazing people and I hope that what I learned serves me well in the future.”

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