Experience the breathtaking magnificence of the cafes, art museums, and architectural wonders of this beautiful country. History is alive everywhere you look, from The Duomo in Florence to Vatican City in Rome.

Attend one of the abundant opera and instrumental concerts throughout the city of Florence and enjoy the legacy of Italian music, including the famous two-month Maggio Florentine Musical festival in May and June. Surrounded by style and elegance in everything from food to fashion, you’ll feel the artistic heart of the city the minute you step off the plane.

The region’s mild climate makes strolling the cultured streets of Florence a popular activity, and the city is enclosed by the rolling hills of Tuscany. World-famous vineyards and olive oil producers are minutes away, while the cities of Venice, Milan, and Rome are just hours away by train.

Our Italy Programs

Acting for Film in Florence

Train in film acting with working industry professionals from New York City and Europe, with the breathtaking city of Florence as your backdrop.

Filmmaking in Florence

Train in filmmaking with working industry professionals and write, direct, shoot, and edit your own films with the breathtaking city of Florence as your backdrop!

Music Summer Study in Florence

Spend your summer exploring the musical excellence of Florence with one-on-one instruction and the beauty of the Tuscany region in your backyard.

Performing Arts Internship in Florence

Intern at a theatre, opera house, dance studio, or other performing arts organization in Florence…the birthplace of opera and a mecca of Italy’s artistic life.

“Florence was a beautiful experience where I learned a lot about the Italian culture and people. Even though I did not take a language course while there, I realized that studying the language was a good technique in order to engage with the people I met and respect the culture.”

“I had the opportunity of a lifetime as I was fully immersed in the culture of Italy. I rehearsed everyday with a professional ballet company, and then performed in the world renown Florence Dance Festival. I couldn’t have asked for more of a challenging, yet rewarding internship.”

“My time in Italy was enriched with wonderful language teachers at the university and an amazing internship where I met many local Florentine people. I even performed in the famous Palazzo Strozzi! It was incredible getting the opportunity to sing in Florence and feel so appreciated for my work.”

“Interning abroad as a graduate student was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Being in Florence, immersed in culture and art all around me was absolutely wonderful. From my work in the marketing department at the Theatre, to the phenomenal food, and amazing people I got to enjoy, I felt so grateful for every moment I spent in Italy. Performing Arts Abroad was truly the perfect link to making my dreams I couldn’t even fathom come true. It is so rare to find a program specifically dedicated to creating opportunities abroad for those interested in the arts and I am just so glad that I am one, of what I hope to be so many, to benefit from it.”

“PAA was by far one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Not only did I learn a great deal about the Italian culture, customs, and language, as well as meet amazing people, but I also grew so much as a singer. I studied for six weeks in the heart of Florence under the tutelage of Susanna Piccardi. Susanna taught me more in those six weeks than I have ever learned in all of my years of singing. Concepts that once seemed foreign to me, or large abstract ideas that did not quite make sense before, she broke down so clearly, and explained them (in a fantastic Italian accent, I might add!) in such a way that I understood them immediately. She took me from being a “college-level” singer, to a pre-professional singer. I would love to return to Florence with PAA to study with her again in the coming years. Thank you, PAA!”

“Doing a Theatre internship abroad in Italy through PAA, I gained experience in the business in a new way that forced me to grow as an artist and as a person. I learned to push myself to 110% in all aspects of my life and gained necessary skills in order to succeed in the business, such as communication and adaptability. I would not trade this experience for the world and will take this experience and apply what I learned to every aspect of my career.”

“I really enjoyed the pre-departure guide PAA sent. It was very accurate and helped me with my preparations and it was also useful while I was in Italy. I also loved the people I worked with at the orchestra. I always had fun when I worked, and I learned a lot about the musicians and the maestro.”

“This experience was very special to me, thanks to PAA. I had a really great time in Florence, the opera at Saint Mark’s English church was just amazing. Most importantly, the staff are the best, they’re friendly, helpful and all they want is to provide the best experience for every attendant.”

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