The language of movement transcends cultures and tells stories without needing words to get in the way. Every society has its movement vocabulary that represents its own history and values.

Whether you are excited about studying ballet at England’s number-one university for dance, or teaching classes to youth in the Philippines, or interning with a dance studio in Barcelona, we can find the dance program that is the best fit for you.

Our Dance Programs

Dance Internship in Barcelona

The dance scene of Barcelona is the city’s heartbeat. Leap right in by interning at a studio and exploring the vibrant culture of Catalonia.

Dance Internship in Ecuador

Connect with the culture of Ecuador through the universal language of dance and movement. Intern with a dance organization that promotes folkloric dance of the Andes region, or a foundation offering dance therapy and education to people with disabilities.

Dance Therapy and Education in Ecuador

The language of dance and movement transcend cultural borders. Find out for yourself as you collaborate with locals in Ecuador, using the power of dance for social change.

Dance Training in Ghana

Let the rhythms of Ghana move you as you train in West African dance at a center focused on cross-cultural collaboration.

Dance Volunteering in Costa Rica

Use the universal language of movement to inspire and be inspired. Let the beauty of Costa Rica and its people wash over you and infuse your dance practice.

Musical Theatre Training in London for Teens

Live in a 16th century Hogwarts-style boarding school castle while training in musical theatre on London’s West End with some of the most accomplished dancers, singers, actors, directors, and stage combat instructors in the world.

Performing Arts Internship in Florence

Intern at a theatre, opera house, dance studio, or other performing arts organization in Florence…the birthplace of opera and a mecca of Italy’s artistic life.

Summer Dance and Cultural Immersion in Ghana

Travel Ghana with a group of Africa enthusiasts and performing artists while receiving state of the art dance training from some of Ghana’s most accomplished dancers and musicians.

“I had no idea that study abroad opportunities for dance majors were available. PAA made this possible for me and I’m very grateful. I highly recommend every dance student to experience dance in a new culture and add a new perspective to their dance repertoire.”

“What an incredible experience – volunteering as a dance teacher in Costa Rica is something that you just HAVE to do! Not only is the country beautiful, the people so welcoming, and the food delicious, but the project will be one that you will never, ever forget!”

“I was extremely pleased to be able to use dance in working with people with disabilities in Quito. The one-on-one classes were invaluable to my learning and cultural immersion. My family was welcoming and respectful. I was appreciative to have times on the weekends to travel around the country. All in all, this program was great. I felt safe, supported and that I had a remarkably unique experience unattainable without PAA.”

Thanks to PAA I was able to do two of things that I love doing the most at the same time: dance and travel. The dance modules that I took in Roehampton challenged me as a dancer with no technique. During the last quarter of my year in London, I managed to be a part of Company 68 (of Studio 68 London) as an understudy. This wouldn’t be possible if not for PAA!

“I had the opportunity of a lifetime as I was fully immersed in the culture of Italy. I rehearsed everyday with a professional ballet company, and then performed in the world renown Florence Dance Festival. I couldn’t have asked for more of a challenging, yet rewarding internship.”

“Being able to spread the joy and appreciation of dance to another culture is incredible. There is no language barrier, dance and the arts are universal! It was the perfect fit. I absolutely loved it and I plan on going back to volunteer again.”

“My experience as an intern in Barcelona through Performing Arts Abroad has changed me in so many positive ways. I felt my confidence grow every day as I danced with new friends, learned exciting new styles of dance, and improved my Spanish language abilities inside and outside of the studio. I was also able to spend time in the office of the dance school, answering phones and interacting with existing and potential students to answer questions and deliver information. Virtually all aspects of my internship were initially outside of my comfort zone, but in the spirit of living in a new and vibrant culture (and with the help of the incredible PAA team), I was able to embrace each challenge as a dancer, a student, and as a person. I am eager to put the confidence and skills I gained in Barcelona to use in my life here in the United States.”

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