Program Overview

Performing Arts Abroad is working in collaboration with Shakespeare’s Globe to offer a unique summer acting intensive exploring the performance of Shakespeare’s work through classes in movement, voice and speech, text interpretation, stage combat, and more. Classes will take place on the Globe premises, where you will train with London theatre professionals and get a behind-the-scenes look at the Globe’s summer productions. The course will culminate in a final presentation of work on the stage of the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, the Globe’s indoor candlelit theatre.

In addition to the course at the Globe, Performing Arts Abroad will be offering full on-site support including airport pickup, housing, orientation, city tours, attendance at three theatrical performances, a weekend trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon to explore Shakespeare’s birthplace, grave, and the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), and much more.

“I had a wonderful time in this program, I was introduced to many new things and was kept very active throughout the whole trip. I liked getting to work with professionals in the acting industry in London, it made me realize that I have more options than just the states for work.”

Performing Arts Points of Interest

Queen's Theatre

One of the many famous West End theatres, Queen’s Theatre is in the Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square area of London. The theatre is most notable for housing the world famous musical Les Miserables since 2004 after its run at the Palace Theatre for 19 years prior.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre was built in 1599 by William Shakespeare’s company the “Lord Chamberlin’s Men” and was rebuilt in 1614 after a fire destroyed the original. The latest version of the theatre, renamed “Shakespeare’s Globe,” opened in 1997. Travel back in time and attend a Shakespeare play in the unique open-air theatre.

Royal Court Theatre

Hailed by the New York Times as “the most important theatre in Europe,” the Royal Court Theatre is located next to the Sloane Square Station. The theatre is known for being a huge proponent and supporter of local playwrights in order to cultivate an authentic, diverse selection of plays for the public.

“The undisputed epicenter of new writing in this country.” -Time Out

“It’s hard not to rave about the Royal Court.” -Guardian

PAA Home Base

All training for this program will occur on the premises of Shakespeare’s Globe, which sits very near the original site of the theatre back in the early 17th century, on the south bank of the River Thames now near the iconic 1,000 foot-long Millennium Bridge. You will never forget the moment you step through the large doors into the open-air theatre that is a replica of the space from 300 years ago, and on this program you will get to call this space home.

About the Location

London is one of the most important cities in the world for acting and theatre, and Shakespeare’s Globe is one of its most iconic performing houses. Perhaps no other area in the world can boast the variety and quality of theatre performance-and technical skill one may find in the theaters of London.

In addition to the vibrant theatre scene, you will have the chance to explore the historical, political, and cultural landmarks of the city with other participants. From Big Ben to Westminster Abbey, learn what it means to call London home. London is a worthwhile destination for even a short visit, and the ideal place for an intensive training course in acting.

Also included in this program is a trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon, the quaint countryside town where Shakespeare was born and is buried.


Participants will be housed in apartments located within London Underground zones 1-2. The apartments or “flats” will be located near all basic amenities, including public transportation, post office, grocery stores, and pharmacies, among others. Participants will share a flat with other program participants, and the size of the flat and number of rooms will vary from unit to unit. All flats will have their own bathroom, a kitchen for cooking meals, a washing machine, and a common room with a television.

Performing Arts Abroad works with a local housing provider to secure flats for each session, and more specific details—including the address for your session’s housing, the number of rooms and roommates in your flat, and the projected commute time from your flat to the Globe Theatre (45 minutes or less)—will be communicated as part of the pre-departure process.


You will share a room with one or two other participants of the same sex training in the Globe program with you. The program will have at least 5 participants, and we hope for 15-20. Your flat will have around six people in it with three or four rooms.

A Day in the Life

The Participant Experience

As you walk through the doors, you emerge through a short gauntlet and the space opens up before you. The stage, flanked by two giant columns, towers before you and draws your eyes up to the balcony and past the roof to the open air and clear blue sky above. Audience box seats almost entirely encircle the stage in several levels going straight up, but the real draw is the open yard for standing. You walk straight up to the stage and find yourself eye level, looking up at where the actors will be standing in just a few minutes’ time to begin the play. This is your home for two weeks of acting training, and your instructors will have acted on this very stage…

For two weeks, you will have the unique opportunity to train with London theatre professionals at Shakespeare’s Globe and immerse yourself in the incredible history of the place. You will visit Shakespeare’s birthplace and grave in the charming town of Stratford-Upon-Avon, where you will attend a performance of the Royal Shakespeare Company and get a backstage tour. Your study will conclude with a final performance on the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse stage, lit by candlelight.

On Arrival

You will book your flight to arrive at Heathrow Airport in London between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. on the arrival date. Our Site Director Anna will be waiting at a pre-arranged meeting point where the group will gather. Once the last person reaches the meeting point (around 1:00 p.m.), Anna will travel with all of you to the housing where everyone will be given a welcome pack. You will have 30 minutes to drop off your bags and freshen up, and then you will gather for a 30 minute housing orientation with the housing supervisor. After this, Anna will lead the group on a walking tour of the neighborhood and will point out important sites such as ATMs, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. Following the neighborhood tour, you will be encouraged to go to bed to try and adjust to the new time zone!

The next day, you will join a one-hour orientation about the program, health and safety, the city of London and British culture, followed by a Welcome Meal at a local pub or restaurant. Following the meal, the group will view the performance collection at the famous Victoria and Albert Museum. The rest of the day is yours for exploring London on your own with a Hop On / Hop Off bus pass we will provide!

A Typical Day

The rest of the program will be spent focused on training at the Globe. You will spend the Saturday between the weeks exploring Stratford-Upon-Avon where you will see Shakespeare’s birthplace, grave, and the Royal Shakespeare Company. You will receive a backstage tour of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, and attend a production there as well.

All the World’s a Stage!

Host Group

The Globe Theatre opened in 1997 as a reconstruction of the original theatre where Shakespeare performed his plays. It sits very near the original site on the south bank of the Thames River. The Globe hosts a robust season of performances, lectures, and demonstrations, both on its iconic open-air Globe Theatre and in the recently opened Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

Our summer acting intensive at Shakespeare’s Globe focuses on bringing the words of Shakespeare to life through a variety of performance practices. You will participate in workshops and classes focusing on many aspects of performance, such as voice and speech, movement, stage combat, Elizabethan dance, text interpretation, and more. You will also attend several shows, visit the Globe’s Exhibition and enjoy a backstage tour of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon. The training will culminate in a final private workshop sharing of scenes on the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse stage lit by candlelight.

We have also booked an in-depth backstage tour of the Globe Theatre, as well as a Playing the Globe workshop with a Globe Practitioner on the Globe Stage. These are both contingent on timing and availability of the busy spaces, and will be confirmed closer to the start date.

Support Staff

Support Staff

Support Staff



“I had a great time while studying abroad. I learned so much. I would honestly do it again if given the opportunity. I met a lot of amazing people and I hope that what I learned serves me well in the future.”

“It was amazing to meet people from all around the world that share with me passions and dreams. This goes over any cultural difference. The city was great and the classes very interesting and useful, I hope to have the chance to do another program like this again!”

Just one unforgettable experience. I made friends for life and I discovered what kind of path I want to make in my career. I also discovered things about myself I didn’t know before. I wish it never ended.

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