About Performing Arts Abroad

Performing Arts Abroad (PAA) offers unique and fulfilling international performing arts programs to individuals and groups, enhancing understanding of our diverse world through the transformative arts of theater, music, dance, and film. Our organization sends students and professionals on trips for study abroad, internships, volunteering, and career workshops. PAA believes the experience of cross-cultural collaboration is invaluable for performing artists and is committed to providing international programming of the highest caliber to promote a more global perspective for our participants.

Competitive Prices. Our study abroad, internship, and volunteer programs are reasonably priced. We offer many affordable opportunities and always make sure our participants are getting a great value.

Diverse Program Offerings. Whether you are looking to study opera in Italy, volunteer with a Circus Arts group in Costa Rica, or intern at a dance studio in Thailand, PAA has a program that is right for you. Through PAA you can enrich your craft through such varied experiences as creating a theater performance with a marginalized community or attending courses at one of London's best schools for dance.

A Focus on Performance in All Opportunities. Many international education organizations talk about their theater, music, and dance programs, but upon closer inspection participants find limited opportunities and secondary value placed on the arts themselves.  Here at Performing Arts Abroad, your craft is the focus of your program, not an afterthought.  With other companies, you may be required to take core curriculum requirements before even thinking about your performing arts classes.  With our study abroad opportunities, we work to ensure that at least 75% of your course work is in your discipline of music, dance, and theater.  In other internship programs, you may find yourself working behind the desk of a company that does not align with your interests or your artistic vision.  With our internships, we guarantee that you will be placed in a company directly related to your art-form so that your experience will broaden your understanding of the music, dance, theater, or film industry from an international perspective.  Other volunteer programs focus on tutoring, teaching English, medical work, and other approaches to development, which are noble but have little to do with your background as an artist.  When volunteering with us, you will be using the performing arts as a vehicle for social change, and you will see firsthand the power of music, dance, theater, and film to change communities and empower marginalized populations.

Run by Arts Practitioners. Performing Arts Abroad is run by individuals with degrees in the performing arts with international travel experience who are passionate about theater, music, and dance. We believe performance is based in the culture of a community, and in order to truly understand it participants need to understand the culture. For this reason we include cultural activities and excursions in most of our programs as well as providing readings and orientations for participants. As performers ourselves, we are well aware of the value of arts as a transformative experience.

Flexible programs, including the chance to customize a group program: Most of our opportunities offer flexible start dates and program lengths in order for you to find exactly what you are looking for. In addition, Performing Arts Abroad offers customized group programs for university faculty members or community arts organizations. These opportunities could be short-term college courses, discipline-based tour trips, or international volunteering for a small group. In addition, if you are an individual participant looking for a specific opportunity that PAA does not offer, please contact us to see if we can offer this program in the future.