Study abroad isn’t just for engineering or business majors! Join PAA to build your artistic skills and enrich your perspective as a musician, dancer, actor, or filmmaker. All programs listed under “Study Abroad” include an academic transcript from an accredited university.

Our study abroad programs are mostly practice-based and allow you to focus on your selected discipline, assuring that you take most or all of your courses in your area of expertise and that you have multiple courses from which to choose. From Irish Dance to Italian Opera, we offer a broad range of programs that are centered in the study of performance.

Deepen your understanding of your craft by being immersed in a new culture and learn specific techniques that will make you more well-rounded as a performer and stand out at auditions.

Our Study Abroad Programs

Acting for Film in Florence

Train in film acting with working industry professionals from New York City and Europe, with the breathtaking city of Florence as your backdrop.

Acting for Film in Paris

Train in film acting with working industry professionals from New York City, Paris and beyond, with the breathtaking city of Paris as your backdrop.

Dance Semester in London

The highest-ranked university dance program in the United Kingdom has an official collaboration with the Royal Ballet. Welcome to your new home in London.

Filmmaking in Florence

Train in filmmaking with working industry professionals and write, direct, shoot, and edit your own films with the breathtaking city of Florence as your backdrop!

Filmmaking in Paris

Write, direct, shoot, and edit your own films in the city where cinema was born.

Introduction to the London Stage Summer Study

The city of London is your classroom. Explore the wide diversity of theatre in this global artistic hub, receiving up to 10 academic credits from the renowned University of Roehampton.

Music Summer Study in Florence

Spend your summer exploring the musical excellence of Florence with one-on-one instruction and the beauty of the Tuscany region in your backyard.

“I had no idea that study abroad opportunities for dance majors were available. PAA made this possible for me and I’m very grateful. I highly recommend every dance student to experience dance in a new culture and add a new perspective to their dance repertoire.”

Thanks to PAA I was able to do two of things that I love doing the most at the same time: dance and travel. The dance modules that I took in Roehampton challenged me as a dancer with no technique. During the last quarter of my year in London, I managed to be a part of Company 68 (of Studio 68 London) as an understudy. This wouldn’t be possible if not for PAA!

“This experience has been the most incredible and life-changing few months. I have made fantastic new relationships and lifelong friendships. The scenery, the classes, and the people were all fantastic and I found New Zealand to be an amazing country to live in.”

My semester at Roehampton was a life-changing experience. With the incredible help of PAA, I was able to spend five indescribable months studying theatre in London. I met people from all over the world, saw game-changing theatre all over the city, and learned so much not only about theatre, but also myself.

“PAA was by far one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Not only did I learn a great deal about the Italian culture, customs, and language, as well as meet amazing people, but I also grew so much as a singer. I studied for six weeks in the heart of Florence under the tutelage of Susanna Piccardi. Susanna taught me more in those six weeks than I have ever learned in all of my years of singing. Concepts that once seemed foreign to me, or large abstract ideas that did not quite make sense before, she broke down so clearly, and explained them (in a fantastic Italian accent, I might add!) in such a way that I understood them immediately. She took me from being a “college-level” singer, to a pre-professional singer. I would love to return to Florence with PAA to study with her again in the coming years. Thank you, PAA!”

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