When it comes to interning with Performing Arts Abroad, participants have two different opportunities to receive internship credit.

Option 1: Performing Arts Abroad can facilitate transferable credit 

Through our partnership with Plymouth State University, you can earn between 3-12 credits in the fields listed below. Note: Listed are the field and the Plymouth State University course number that will appear on your transcript, as well as the range of credits available.

Course Name/
Credits Applicable Fields for Transfer Credit
Communications and Media Studies CM 3950 3-6 Animation and Film
Dance DN 4410 3-12 Dance
Music MU 4410 3-12 Music
Theatre TH 4410 3-12 Theatre


To receive credit through Performing Arts Abroad from Plymouth State University, interns must have completed a minimum of 60 hours (approximately 2 full years) of college or university credit before going on the program and be majoring or minoring in one of the fields listed above.

GPA: 2.5

Cost: $850 fee, regardless if interns pursue 3, 6, 9, or 12 credits

How is credit given?
Credit will be assessed and given based on the successful completion of a variety of assignments. Assignments include an essay, journals, and evaluations and will be assessed based on this grading rubric.

  • Minimum 3 page pre-departure paper based on intern’s goals for the program
  • Directed, reflective internship journal completed by intern during the program (three entries)
  • Mid-term Online Evaluation completed by intern
  • Mid-term and Final Evaluations completed by internship supervisor
  • 6-8 page reflective essay on overall learning experience
  • Final video reflecting on internship

Credit is given in letter grade format (A,B,C,D,F) in a specific academic discipline. The amount of credit is awarded based on the number of hours interned:

  • 120 hours = three credits
  • 240 hours = six credits
  • 360 hours = nine credits
  • 480 hours = twelve credits

Approximately 6-10 weeks after end of the program, transcripts will be set out to interns stating the grade and the number of credits earned. Please note that the internship and location will impact the hours that can be completed at a placement.

Plymouth State University, Performing Arts Abroad’s accrediting partner, is a NEASC-accredited institution with more than 20 years of experience awarding internship credit both domestically and internationally. Plymouth State University has been nationally recognized for its commitment to the environment and for innovative programs that are making an impact both regionally and globally.

Option 2: Contact your university or college about receiving credit

Many students are able to arrange credit approval through their home universities. Contact your study abroad office, academic advisor, or career services to see if this option is available at your school!

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