Circus Arts (Dance) in Costa Rica

Share your dance abilities with at-risk youth in this unique volunteering program with a circus arts organization. You’ll contribute to the community as well as learn techniques that will make you grow as a performer.


Share your dance, theater, and/or circus expertise by volunteering with a circus arts group that helps empower a community in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone. Specializing in areas such as acrobatics, mime, dance, juggling, and balancing, this group works with at-risk teenagers and foreign volunteers. As you contribute your own skills, you will give the group a great resource and a new energy. You will also develop your craft under their expert guidance and gain an exceptional understanding of Costa Rican performing arts and culture. Volunteer placement requires at least ten hours a week for a minimum of one week.



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Program Photos

• Live in the zone of Costa Rica with the most area devoted to national parks and most biodiversity

• Become fully immersed in the Spanish language by living with a host family

• Give local at-risk teens a productive way to express their opinions, ideas, and creativity


"As an Arts Educator, the Circus Arts program in Costa Rica provided me with a great professional development opportunity. I was given the once-in-a-lifetime chance to infuse my art with teaching and learning experiences in a beautiful new setting, at once exciting and challenging. My understanding of arts education has been broadened by my amazing experiences in Costa Rica, and will undoubtedly inform my future arts projects and teaching practice in many ways." -Tiana Prince