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Remember that one time I joined the circus….

Rosie MonetRosie Davis Aubrey is a dancer from Philadelphia and a dance graduate from Ursinus College in Pennsylvania. She was a Circus Arts Dance Volunteer in Costa Rica in February and March of 2016.

San Isidro. San Jose. San Loco. Okay, so the third one is not an actual place but I think that it should be. Why? Because the one word that I would use to describe my month in Costa Rica would be… loco. Now when I say loco (crazy) I don’t mean in a negative way, I mean in a life changing way. In just one month I was able to learn so much about the culture, the beauty, the politics and the “pura vida” lifestyle of Costa Rica, but more importantly I was able to find out so much more about myself.


My four weeks in Costa Rica consisted small group catered Spanish classes, half priced movie and sushi days at the mall, teaching dance classes to children who preferred the cabbage patch over salsa steps, nap time struggles with the toddlers at a local San Jose YMCA, weekend excursions spent with friends I made at the CRLA school, joining the circus (This may have been my favorite part), small intimate sessions with the neighborhood children during the weekdays and Saturday’s “I really should have stretched before this” Circo Fantazztico trainings, parades, beaches, salsa filled nights and heat filled mornings. And that would only describe about a third of the things that I was able to see, learn and experience during my time. I am so glad that I decided to plan this trip through Performing Arts Abroad because the amazing on site and off site staff were a huge part of why my experience was so successful. If I didn’t have the same amount of support, guidance and overall spirit that I received from everyone during my trip, I feel like my experience would not have been as rich.

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Thank you so much Performing Arts Abroad for choosing me for this opportunity. My advice for anyone struggling with the decision to apply would be 1.Talk to Reynolds and 2. Don’t even think twice about applying. All it takes is one step to begin the walk of a lifetime <3

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