Drasko Djurovic

France Site Director

Drasko supports all participants on our France programs, acting as the main point of contact throughout their stay in the country. He coordinates airport pickup, arranges housing, leads cultural excursions, and manages the 24-hour onsite emergency phone.

Drasko was born in Belgrade, Serbia, and graduated from the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Law, where he also obtained a master’s degree in constitutional law. He worked as an associate in a law firm in Belgrade and was hired by the Official Journal to analyze the jurisprudence of the Serbian highest courts. However, he decided to leave his comfort zone, and come to France, where he obtained a second master’s degree in comparative law at Sorbonne University.

He fell in love with Paris or more preciously with one beautiful inhabitant of this amazing city and he is currently a Ph.D. student at the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences. Drasko was a participant of numerous seminars, conferences and summer schools in Serbia, France and worldwide. He is a national rowing umpire in Serbia and in France and he raced several half marathons. He accomplished skydiving course and has an international diver certificate. Drasko is a self-proclaimed expert in finding the best low-cost train and airplane tickets.

From Drasko: “Money can’t buy happiness, but for a few bucks you can buy a low-cost ticket, so explore, dream and discover. That is the best possible receipt for happiness.”

What Drasko loves about Paris: “From the beautiful architecture to the endless choice of the exhibitions, plays and operas, Paris offers you a unique experience that will build your memories for a lifetime. Often romanticized as a capital of luxury and prestige, Paris is an incredible mixture of a real big city and a fairy tale.”

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