Elayna Hebert

Director of Human Resources & Operations

Elayna ensures the PAA home office runs smoothly. She overseas all HR-related tasks including hiring and payroll, manages IT operations, and maintains a database of professional development resources.

Since she was little, Elayna has been ‘drawn’ to art, colors, light, and shape.  She began her studies in Art Media Communications and met Performing Arts Abroad in 2011.  Love.  To truly understand the world and its people, you need to immerse yourself in both local food, and art.  Her favorite travel memories have been spotting building graffiti, listening to a street performer, or visiting a museum (back alley ones are the best).  Her most recent travels to Tokyo, Japan were highlighted by a hand drum street musician who played outside the Menji Shrine. Can she be cheesy and say ‘Art is life’!? Elayna lives with her husband and daughter, and completely untalented cat in Massachusetts.

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