Disan Kato

Uganda Site Director

Disan supports all participants on our Uganda programs, acting as the main point of contact throughout their stay in the country. He coordinates airport pickup, arranges housing by vetting homestay families and building relationships, leads cultural excursions, and manages the 24-hour onsite emergency phone. He is also the director of our onsite partner, the Living Music Foundation.

Disan Kato was born in 1983 to the late Mr. Samuel Kato and the late Mrs. Kobusingye Merab at Mabaare Masheruka Sub-county Sheema District. He grew up at the mercy of good samaritans, an orphan of HIV, having lost two brothers before he was yet born.

Generous people helped him through school until one man identified the music in him and chose to develop it, teaching him to play musical  instruments and vocals over 12 years!
This enabled Disan to continue at school, using income from his musical endeavours. He did begin studying computer science at Mbarara University, however failed to raise the tuition fees and was forced to drop out.

He decided to concentrate on his music career, working at Train the Youth Effort where he trained nine children to create a school band. During this time he wrote and recorded songs that propelled him towards fame in Western Uganda.

Currently his live band, the Vessels, are very popular. He trained the members himself from having no musical experience into professional performers. Their music is on all local radio stations and television. Because of Disan’s inspiring story, schools, universities, NGOs, churches and other youth organisations invite him to explain how music has transformed him so others can learn through him. He is also invited to radio and TV talk shows to inspire the public. Disan started the Living Music Foundation as a way to improve the lives of other vulnerable children through music.

Disan is happily married to Alum Catherine with whom they have two children. They chose to stay in Mbarara and raise their family.

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