Ruthie Kirchner

Digital Content Producer

Ruthie creates digital content for marketing campaigns, including photos, videos, written copy, and ad listings on third party sites. If you’ve seen a PAA ad somewhere, chances are that Ruthie worked on it!

Originally from the Northampton area, Ruthie graduated from Emerson College in 2015 where she studied both film and marketing. After college, Ruthie spent time backpacking Europe, and then promptly found herself with a position at Performing Arts Abroad, where she’s able to nurture two of her purest passions: storytelling and traveling! Currently, Ruthie is in the midst of converting a 19th Century carriage house into a co-op arts & event space for creative folks living in the rural hills of Berkshire County, New England.

Travel Tip: Never the middle-seat, listen to your gut (for instincts and for yummy food), and make an intention to feel empathy for the locals whom live wherever it is you’re visiting.

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