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  • Please describe your experience with the Spanish language. How would you describe your ability to speak, understand, read, and write Spanish? What courses have you taken? Have you lived in an immersive Spanish environment?
  • Please describe any international travel experience you have, especially in Latin America or other Spanish-speaking destinations. What contributed to success and personal transformation during those journeys? What could have improved your experiences?
  • Please describe your experience with music therapy. What is your area of specialty? Where have you received your training and clinical hours? Do you have experience working with people with disabilities?
  • Please explain why you are applying to this position. What makes you stand out as a candidate? What most excites you?
  • Please upload a resume or CV highlighting your experience and achievements in your area of expertise. Please include at least one reference with contact information.
  • Please upload a scanned copy of your certificate of board certification for music therapy.

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