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2016 Summer Photo Contest: You at Work

We’ve already announced the winner and runners up of the photo contest, but we’re also sharing some of our favorites in different categories.  This week’s category: You at Work!

Here’s the description we gave them:

You aren’t just a tourist!  Did you teach dance in Costa Rica?  We want to see that.  Did you tune pianos in Ecuador?  We want to see you hunched over the strings with a tuning fork.  Did you study dance in Ireland?  Show us.  Did you make photocopies for a theater company in Spain?  Did you sing in a choir in Kenya? We want to see it!

And here are a few of our favorite entries:

This is what makes PAA programs great.  The title of the program says it’s a Film internship, and boom, here’s a great shot of Mae with her hands on a camera, making a film.  Nicely done Mae!

This is a great one from Long Nguyen.  Yep, there’s definitely some Musical Theater foo going on up in here!

Anyone who’s ever taken a music class recognizes what’s going on in this picture.  The difference is that this is in Costa Rica and our intrepid volunteer is teaching in Spanish.  Way to go!


Costa Rica was obviously a popular destination this summer for music volunteers.  We love this one because there are three PAA participants, but you have to find them sort of like a Where’s Waldo.  Good luck!


Olivia Kapell, Music Volunteering in the Galapagos Islands

Olivia Kapell, Music Volunteering in the Galapagos Islands

Olivia wasn’t in Costa Rica, she was teaching music in the Galapagos Islands.  As you can see, her students were appreciative.

So confession time.  We didn’t even know puppets were involved on our West End Musical Theatre Training program.  Thanks for tipping us off Morgan Casto!  See, this is why we love this category; even we get a glimpse we didn’t have before.

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