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A Message from our Director – February 2016

ReynoldsDid you know that we’ve given away almost $20,000 in scholarships already in 2016? International travel is expensive and we’re doing everything we can to make it feasible for as many performing artists as possible.

If you’re reading this, you may be considering taking out a loan to do your program abroad. Do it! I took out several loans to go abroad as an undergraduate and graduate student, including a hefty one to study Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre in London for a summer.  I’m still making monthly payments on these loans.  But every time I make a payment, I remember the incredible experiences I had and think about how profoundly my time overseas has shaped my humanity and my career, and I am grateful.  I don’t regret it for a second.  Going abroad to do what you love is truly an investment in your future in a very big way.

In addition to the huge $1,500 scholarship we are offering for our study abroad programs, we have a $150 discount on all programs if you apply before March 1st and enter the discount code SUPERTUESDAY2016 (get it? we’re politically savvy!) We also offer a $200 Bring a Friend discount if you get a friend to sign up and put your name in the Referral field of the application, a $400 Multi-Program discount for each additional program if you do more than one program back-to-back, and discounts up to $1,000 for alumni!  Take advantage of these offers and get out there and see the world!

As always, I welcome you to e-mail me directly at  with any questions regarding our programs and how to get involved.  For a full list of locations where we offer programs, please see below.

Program Locations:

Costa Rica
Galapagos Islands
South Africa

Reynolds Whalen
Director of Performing Arts Abroad

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