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2015 Summer Video Contest!

Last week we posted the results of our photo contest, and now we get to share some fun videos!  Most of our video contest entries came from Instagram and other social media, so they’re just little glimpses into the life of PAA participants on their programs.  We didn’t break these down into categories, so here for your viewing pleasure are the winner, runner up, and honorable mentions.  Enjoy!


Congratulations Laura Christensen!  Laura volunteered teaching Dance in the Galapagos Islands, and this piece of cuteness is just the tip of the iceberg of awesome, beautiful, and adorable videos and photos she sent our way.  Thanks Laura, and congratulations again!


Lorena Abreu, West End Musical Theatre Training Program.  Lorena is, according to all the evidence at hand, a freaking firecracker.  In this video she shows of some serious stage combat, movement, and comedy chops all at once.


Crista Guthrie, Music Volunteer in Costa Rica.  Crista puts on a little disney-inspired concert for her students.  You can just tell they’re crazy about her.

Hannah Harris, BLAS Summer Music Intensive Program in Ireland.  The video title pretty much says it all.

Kiana Lum, West End Musical Theatre Training Program.  Lorena showed us some hard core stage combat, now here’s Kiana busting out some Book of Mormon: the Musical.

Emily Eymundson, Dance Intern in Spain.  If you saw last week’s winning photo, you’ll recognize the location of this video.  Emily Eymundson films as fellow PAA intern Beverly Diaz gets into the show from backstage.

Tiffany Ruizo, BLAS Summer Music Intensive Program in Ireland, films a bit of her tutors’ concert.

Beverly Diaz, Dance Intern in Spain.  Beverly pieced together a collage of moments to give you a sense of being in the middle of the action after Barcelona won (what we assume is) a soccer match.

Maxwell Sandberg, Music Volunteer in Costa Rica.  We’re pretty sure this is Uptown Funk…Costa Rica style.

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