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Alumni Update #4: Sadie Lockhart

What are the long-term takeaways from a PAA program?  How long after you get back do you head right back out again? These are the things you’re dying to know!  Never fear.  We’ve started asking for updates and well, let’s just say it turns out awesome people continue being awesome even after they’ve moved on from PAA.

Today’s Alum: Sadie Lockhart, Theatre Volunteer in Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands, 2014

What happening in your life?

I am a recent graduate from Towson University with a BFA in Acting and minors in Spanish and International Studies.  I am currently living in Baltimore, MD and am working with Baltimore Shakespeare Factory for the summer.  Together with a D.C. director names Jackson Phippin, some of my peers and I are creating a theatre company called “The Oven: A Collective.”  We are working to create pieces of socially relevant topics to promote advocacy and great change.  Our first project is about human trafficking. We hope to tour it around the U.S. in the spring and also internationally in the summer.  The first performance will be in January at the Baltimore Theatre Project.

What performances have you participated in since you got back from your PAA program?

Since returning back from my PAA program last summer, I played Cecily in Towson’s production of The Importance of Being Earnest.  I also was in a devised piece called Starling Murmuration about drug addiction and continued with a traveling piece at the D.C. Fringe Festival and Single Carrot Theatre of Lucretia Borgia.  In the Spring I directed No Exit and wrote a play that was read at Towson calledCustoms, which is about international relations and perceptions of America.

Any Traveling?

Each January, I volunteer building schools in Honduras with an organization called Students Helping Honduras.  I did that again this year and love every minute of it.  It’s like my second home! I hope to travel again this year and also get into more adventures abroad involving arts 🙂 I am so thankful for the PPA programs that I went on.  I was able to meet so many wonderful people, travel alone and adjust to new communities, share something that I love (theatre and dance) with people from all over the world, and completely change my perspective of art, travel, and people in every area of this planet 🙂

Thank you PAA!!!

Wow!  What an update!  You’re doing amazing things Sadie; we’re proud to be on your resume.  Keep up the remarkable work!

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