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Volunteering in South Africa, Where do I begin?

Danielle Toop recently returned from the Dance Volunteer Program in South Africa.

The month I spent over can be described as no less than the best month of my life!
I was teaching a whole variety of people who are all so talented, the experience was amazing for them as well as myself and I felt so rewarded because they were all so appreciative to have me over there teaching and they showed their gratitude by always being so enthusiastic in my lessons and not only making it enjoyable for themselves but for me too!

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I was teaching in townships, a private school and a dance studio so I got to teach people of different ages and from different ways of life. Teaching in the townships had to be my best teaching experience for me because the children are so amazing and I fell in love with each and every one of them!

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They were always so happy and cheerful and when I arrived at their school, they would always be there waiting for so they could walk me to where we would be dancing and they were even sweet enough to offer to carry my stuff for me!

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The area is beautiful! I really miss the gorgeous sun as well as the stunning surroundings. Despite being there during their rainy season, I seized every opportunity whenever it was sunny and went for lovely walks and took in as much as I could because it is just so spectacular! Even when it was raining I was in awe! The storms are spectacular to watch!
The family that I was living with were amazing and really made me feel at home! I was initially worried that my transition to South Africa would be uncomfortable as it was so far away from home and I am prone to anxiety but as soon as I met them, I was immediately welcomed and therefore I spent the whole time smiling and enjoying every minute.

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When I wasn’t teaching, there was plenty for me to do including a trip to an Elephant sanctuary where I got to be up close with the elephants and have a ride on one of the elephant. I also got to go on a safari trip! I was so overwhelmed to see as many animals as I did and in their natural environment.

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I am surprised that I am even able to write about my experience because words really do not describe just how phenomenal an opportunity this was and I really urge other people to do the same as you will not regret it!

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Thank you so much Performing arts abroad for accepting me onto the program! I am ever so grateful because you really have left me with an experience that I will never forget.

Danielle Toop

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