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A Message from our Director – February 2014

Last November, our team at Performing Arts Abroad suffered a huge blow when our Philippines projects were completely destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda and many of our support staff lost homes, friends, and family members.  During this tough period, I spent some time reflecting on PAA’s mission and why we as performing artists continue to pursue our craft day in and day out.  I thought particularly of PAA’s volunteer programs.

In a world where school systems are cutting the arts from their curriculums, our volunteers are appearing in classrooms as guest artists to spread the joy of dance, music, and theater.  In a world where extreme poverty and preventable disease grip thousands of slum dwellers living across highways from extravagant mansions and posh golf courses, our volunteers are joining hands with activist theater groups to tell authorities that injustice will not stand.  In a world where children suffer intolerable abuse and persons with disabilities are shunned by society, our volunteers are teaching these young people that their lives are important and that the arts can equip them with the tools they need to have their voices heard.  And by doing this, our volunteers themselves are becoming engaged global citizens and acquiring skills that follow them well into their careers, regardless of what career they choose.  I hope you will consider joining us for a volunteer program this summer.

To donate to relief efforts in the Philippines, go here.

As always, I welcome you to e-mail me directly at   with any questions regarding our programs and how to get involved.  For a full list of locations where we offer programs, please see below.

Program Locations:

Costa Rica
Galapagos Islands
South Africa

Reynolds Whalen
Director of Performing Arts Abroad

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