Increase your knowledge of the world of international arts through an internship with PAA. Spend anywhere from four weeks to six months living in one of our many locations throughout the world and gaining an understanding of the professional aspect of your discipline. You’ll be working about 30 hours per week and will be invited to complete a final project (with funding from PAA up to $100) to showcase what you’ve learned and contributed. Most internships are meant to give you a window into the creative process of a music, dance, theater, or film company and do not always include the opportunity to train or perform. This will depend on your skill level and the needs of the company where you will be working at the time you decide to do your internship. These programs are incredible opportunities to get behind the scenes and understand how your craft functions in a completely different cultural context.

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  • Arts Administration Internship in Florence, Italy

    Intern at a theater, opera house, dance studio, or other performing arts organization in Florence, Italy, the birthplace of opera and a mecca of Italy’s artistic life. An internship is not a trai... Read more

  • Arts Administration Internship in London

    London’s incredible opportunities for performing arts are recognized throughout the world, and with this experience you will gain hands-on knowledge to boost your resume and expand your worldview. Y... Read more

  • Arts Administration Internship in Spain

    Build your resume, gain international arts experience, and directly contribute to an arts company, all while being immersed in Spanish culture! By interning with a professional performing arts company... Read more

  • Dance Internship in Spain

    Spend six weeks or longer interning with a dance studio in the heart of Barcelona for at least 20 hours per week. We work with a wide variety of dance organizations, and handpick each specific placem... Read more

  • Film and Animation Internship in Spain

    On this program, you will spend around 20 hours per week interning with an organization focusing on film. In some cases, the organization itself will be a film studio, production house, animation stu... Read more

  • Music Internship in Spain

    Explore the music industry abroad by interning at a local music school in Barcelona or working with a festival in the summer. You will work at least 20 hours a week, and if you intern with a school, ... Read more

  • Theater Internship in Spain

    Intern with a theater company in Barcelona and gain international arts experience! You’ll directly contribute to a Spanish performing arts group and build your resume, all while being immersed in th... Read more

  • Dance Internship in Ecuador

    Contribute to the operation of a dance organization in Quito while also enhancing your dance knowledge and performance skills. You will have the option to intern for four weeks or more with a cultura... Read more

  • Music Internship in Ecuador

    Spend two months or more interning abroad and teaching music with a foundation in Quito, Ecuador using music and the arts as ways to provide therapy and education to youth and adults with disabilities... Read more

  • Music Internship in South Africa

    This international music internship is an opportunity to assist an energetic, passionate team help change people’s lives through music while making friends for life with South African students who c... Read more