Dance presents the body as a moving art form to communicate emotions, ideas, and stories. Through choreography and performance, dance can express cultural, symbolic, ceremonial, or social meanings in all areas of the world. Whether you are excited about studying ballet at England's number-one university for dance, or teaching classes to youth in the Philippines, we can find the dance program that is the best fit for you.

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  • Blas Summer Dance Intensive Program in Ireland

    Train in Irish step dance at The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance this summer! This two-week intensive is structured into a series of classes on practical dance skills and choreography, along w... Read more

  • Circus Arts (Dance) in Costa Rica

    Share your dance, theater, and/or circus expertise by volunteering with a circus arts group that helps empower a community in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone. Specializing in areas such as acrobatics, m... Read more

  • Dance Internship in Ecuador

    Contribute to the operation of a dance organization in Quito while also enhancing your dance knowledge and performance skills. You will have the option to intern for four weeks or more with a cultura... Read more

  • Dance Internship in Spain

    Spend six weeks or longer interning with a dance studio in the heart of Barcelona for at least 20 hours per week. We work with a wide variety of dance organizations, and handpick each specific placem... Read more

  • Dance Semester in Ireland

    Limerick is the performing arts cultural capital of Ireland, and home to the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance where you will train with some of the world's most notable instructors. Many courses... Read more

  • Dance Semester in Italy

    Study dance in Florence, one of Italy’s most important cultural centers and the capital of the region of Tuscany. Excellence in the performing arts is part of the very identity of Florence. Take ... Read more

  • Dance Semester in London

    Spend a semester or year training at the best university dance program in the United Kingdom. Classes are offered in a variety of styles by renowned dancers from all over the world. You can fill your... Read more

  • Dance Semester in New Zealand

    Study dance at New Zealand’s oldest university! The dance world in New Zealand is thriving, with a fascinating blend of Maori traditional dance, contemporary and modern, and many other styles. Dur... Read more

  • Dance Training in Ghana

    Receive state of the art training in multiple West African dance forms, as well as drumming, dance, Ghanaian xylophone, and other instruments. You will be training and living at a dance center on the... Read more

  • Dance Volunteering in Costa Rica

    Share your passion for dance by volunteering with young people in Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose. We work with a variety of volunteer placements, including orphanages, day care centers, public scho... Read more

  • Dance Volunteering in Ecuador

    Use your dance abilities to engage communities in Quito by exploring rich dance traditions of Ecuador and the Andes region or sharing your knowledge with special needs youth and adults. We work with ... Read more

  • Dance Volunteering in Kenya

    As you work with highly skilled Kenyan performing artists in the slums of Nairobi, you will begin to understand the unique role of dance in East African urban society. Spend time teaching workshops t... Read more

  • Dance Volunteering in the Galapagos Islands

    Take part in an incredible experience and gain a great understanding of international dance when you participate in a volunteering project in the Galapagos! You will work with local children and teens... Read more

  • Dance Volunteering in the Philippines

    Share your performing arts abilities by teaching dance to Filipino children at a local community center in Tacloban City. Offering classes and opportunities for people in the city who need them most, ... Read more

  • Ghana Summer Dance Program

    This three-week dance training program gives you the opportunity to learn West African dance, gyil music (a Ghanaian xylophone), drumming, singing, batik and tie-dye making, kente weaving, beads makin... Read more

  • Ghana Winter Break Dance Program

    On this program, you will have the unique opportunity to participate in festivals, rituals, ceremonies, and initiation celebrations in a Northern Ghanaian village. You will fly into the capital city ... Read more

  • The Rhythm of Cuba Summer Immersion: Dance

    Explore the dance of Cuba in an immersive spring break trip packed with workshops, lessons, tours of historic sites, trips to the beach and Cuba’s historic tobacco plantations, and much more. Throug... Read more