Antony Mwangi (Mwas)

Kenya Program Director

Mwas accompanies volunteers on our Nairobi programs, and acts as their main day-to-day support throughout their time in the country.

Antony Mwangi was born and raised up in Mathare slums. He began
performing at an early age.acting school plays, set books and
participating in school festivals.He also loves playing guitar, drums
and enjoys singing.

Since 1998 he volunteered for the Mathare Youth Sports
Association(MYSA) Haba na Haba arts project, an organization with over
25, 000 members in dozens of slums areas in Nairobi. He undertook
various projects while at MYSA; including travelling to Moshi Tanzania
to perform at the East Africa cup tournament. Antony also travelled
across Kenya participating at the “Alive and Kicking” roadshows, a
program that used arts, counselling and sports to raise HIV/AIDS
awareness in High schools.

He currently volunteers coordinating theatre activities for Vocal
program,a group using performing arts for education and development in
the slums of Nairobi. He believes in nurturing young talents.he
teaches performing arts in various informal schools of Mathare slums
and it’s environs.

As Nelson Mandela once said,”As we let our Light shine, we
unconsciously give other people permission to do the same”., that is
one of his favourite quote.

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