Sinead Burke

Ireland Program Director, Semester Programs

Sinead acts as the university contact for PAA students studying at the University of Limerick on semester programs. She finalizes course schedules, coordinates university orientation events, provides academic advising, and acts as a liaison between PAA and the University of Limerick’s academic departments of music and dance housed in the Irish World Academy.

I have a background in dance, beginning with Irish set dancing, waltzing and classical dance. Ballet quickly became my passion and from the age of seven and I trained with the Gallagher School of Ballet in Limerick, Ireland, where I reached Grade 6 by successfully completing examinations with the Royal Academy of Dance, England. Limerick is an exciting destination for dance lovers with the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance located on campus at the University of Limerick; also the Dance Limerick Studio which is situated in John’s Square in the city center near the historical St. John’s Cathedral, and the Irish Aerial Dance Creation Centre which is Ireland’s first purpose-fitted space for aerial dance.

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