Angelo Pisano

Assistant Director of the Global Advising Center

Angelo manages our Global Advising Center, which we share with several partner study abroad companies. This is where the advising magic happens, and where our own PAA Program Advisor has a desk especially for calling everyone who has expressed interest in our programs.

I was first bitten by the travel bug when ​I left ​my native Pennsylvania for Germany as an exchange student in high school. ​I then lived ​and studied ​in Morocco for another academic year in college, earning ​my international studies degree at Lock Haven University. ​Between those semesters in Morocco, I interned in Turkey as an English as a Second Language Teacher. ​This kicked off a passion for education and I went on to live ​and work ​in Istanbul, Turke​y for a period of three years. ​I ​am​ passionate about refugee education and jazz music. ​I’ve visited ​Cambodia, ​Cyprus, France, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland​ and Thailand​. ​I earned ​my master’s degree in international education from the School of International Training (SIT) Graduate Institute in Vermont​.

Art has been important to me my whole life, as my dad is a painter and exposed me and my siblings to performance and studio arts quite frequently, even to this day! Though I became fascinated by the many different types of stationery and pencil weights, sadly, I only inherited a curiosity for art. Today, I occasionally write creatively (including an open mic on a blue moon!) and sketch abstract pastel doodles. I feel very fortunate to live in an area of the country that has so much potential and fervor for all of the arts.

​ I’m really enjoying my foray into life in ​New England!

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