Program Overview

Take part in a remarkable experience and gain an understanding of international theatre when you participate in a volunteering project in the Galapagos! You will spend your time working with local youth at schools and community centers, leading workshops or after-school programs using drama. For those with a lower Spanish level, you will use the power of theatre to teach English with a local non-profit. You will have a good deal of input in creating the specifics of your volunteering project and deciding what you would like to learn from it. You will have plenty of free time to explore the natural beauty that surrounds you, and travel by boat to other islands in the Galapagos. You will live with a local family who will provide you three meals per day, and will be given the chance to participate in conservation work helping protect the many varieties of rare species that fill the island.

“One of the best ways to learn new words and remember them was through art. For two weeks I spent my mornings learning as much Spanish as I could and every afternoon I taught 45 students using Theatre games and art projects. Things are very laid back in the islands so I could really develop my lesson plans any way I wanted to. To have students start out not really wanting to pay attention, and within a week seeing the same students come to class early and ask to sing the counting song, and bouncing out of their seats to tell you the vocabulary word and write it on the board, made me so incredibly proud of them! Absolutely an amazing experience!”

Performing Arts Points of Interest

PAA Home Base

We share our headquarters in San Cristobal with a local volunteer organization that offers several spaces for tutoring and English language learning. You are welcome to stop by anytime to ask questions or use the computers and internet, and some volunteers will volunteer using the arts to teach English in the center’s classrooms.

About the Location

The Galapagos is a string of islands that make up one of Ecuador’s most beautiful national parks. With a combined population of about 23,000 people, this beautiful area is quite remote. You’ll encounter plants and animals you won’t find anywhere else in the world, and ones that helped contribute to Darwin’s theory of evolution. Truly a natural paradise, the Galapagos offers many opportunities for adventure, exploration, and environmental observation. Our program is located on the island of San Cristobal, which is the island where Darwin first landed in 1835, and home to the oldest settlement of all the islands. Expect to share the beaches with lazy sea lions, tropical birds, marine iguanas, giant Galapagos tortoises, blue and red footed boobies, dolphins, swallow-tailed seagulls, and much more!


While staying in the Galapagos you will be living with a host family, allowing you to become immersed in the local way of life and to practice your Spanish. Participants and host families alike are able to establish and nurture relationships and friendships with people from all over the world, and develop the self-confidence and cultural knowledge needed to deal with different cultures and languages in a professional and friendly manner. The homestay includes all three meals every day, as well as laundry service.


Most homestays host multiple volunteers at once, which gives you the chance to make friends with other English-speaking international volunteers. During the fall and spring, you may be one of only a few PAA volunteers (or in some cases, the only one!) but will join a dozen or so volunteers in other areas such as conservation and health for group activities and excursions. In the summer, PAA has more volunteers on site and the total group is much larger. You will make friends quickly, and most volunteers hang out regularly with their roommates: having barbeques, going to the beach, snorkeling, scuba diving, and exploring other nearby islands.

A Day in the Life

The Participant Experience

The moment you step off the plane, the laid back island lifestyle of San Cristobal will wash over you. The pace of life will immediately slow down, and worrying about the little things will cease. You will likely find more time to forge meaningful relationships with the people you meet, and will place more importance on the communal nature of meals. Our onsite staff will be there to greet you at the airport and help you adjust to this way of life that is often quite different for those of us accustomed to a constant hustle bustle. You may come to San Cristobal hoping to change the lives of those you encounter, but you will quickly find that it is you who are changing, and we hope you will use that transformation to improve your own community when you return home.

Regarding your volunteer work, we offer several options, with availability depending on time of year and your experience level:

  • Teaching as a guest artist in the public school system where theatre and the arts have been cut from the curriculum in some cases. Performing Arts Abroad believes that theatre education is essential to childhood development, and you will be joining others who share our mission.
  • Bringing theatre into placements such as an orphanage, after school program, or day care center.
  • Using theatre to teach English through a local non-profit with classrooms at our project’s headquarters.

On Arrival

When you arrive in the tiny San Cristobal Airport (SCY), one of our on-site staff will be there to greet you holding a PAA welcome sign. Note that you will need to pay $100 in cash as a national park entrance fee before leaving the airport. The entire island of San Cristobal is a national park (and all the islands in the Galapagos for that matter). You will then be taken to your homestay, where you will meet your host family and settle into your room after a brief orientation to the home and neighborhood. Your homestay family will have a meal ready for you and if you arrive earlier in the day, a staff member will then take you around town to show you the ATMs, post office, etc. before going to our office for an orientation with our site director about health, safety, your volunteer project, etc. If you are arriving later in the day, this may happen the following day.

A Typical Day

On your first day of volunteering, one of our staff members will accompany you to show you the way and introduce you to your placement and supervisor. We will also check in with you after the first few days to see if any adjustments need to be made.

After your first few days, you will be on your own to get to your placement(s) at the agreed upon time every day, and to use your free time as you see fit. There will be opportunities for travel around the island, and to other nearby islands, as well as volunteer work with conservation projects working with tortoises, seals, sea lions, beach clean up, and other endeavors. Several times a month, there will be an organized activity for all volunteers, such as a barbeque and salsa dance class.

Host Group

You will be working with a non-profit organization based in the Galapagos whose functioning depends mostly on foreign volunteers. Playing an important role in the group, your time on San Cristobal Island provides youth with structured activities run by an enthusiastic leader. By spending time interacting with these children and teens, you’ll give them the chance to practice English with a native speaker as well as providing cultural exchange. Some of the residents have not interacted much with outsiders since they live in such a small community, and it is one of the goals of our host group to provide this opportunity. You’ll also be sharing the transformative art of theatre, giving these youth self-confidence and the chance to use performing arts to express themselves.

Many volunteers will have the chance to use theatre for teaching English in an after-school program, regardless of your Spanish level. For those with higher Spanish levels, you may get the opportunity to assist with theatre programs in local schools, depending on the timing of your stay and what is needed in the schools at that time.

Support Staff

Support Staff

Support Staff

Support Staff



“One of the best ways to learn new words and remember them was through art. For two weeks I spent my mornings learning as much Spanish as I could and every afternoon I taught 45 students using Theatre games and art projects. Things are very laid back in the islands so I could really develop my lesson plans any way I wanted to. To have students start out not really wanting to pay attention, and within a week seeing the same students come to class early and ask to sing the counting song, and bouncing out of their seats to tell you the vocabulary word and write it on the board, made me so incredibly proud of them! Absolutely an amazing experience!”

“I had a fantastic time. What I liked most about my volunteer experience was meeting so many friendly, interesting people all around the world. The children I worked with were so great. Each day that I taught they were excited to learn and eager to see what I had planned for the day! My host family was one of the nicest families I have ever met and I felt so comfortable my entire stay. Thank you PAA for such a great opportunity!

“Working with teenagers in the Galápagos was a truly memorable experience for me, and hopefully, my students. Although I was unable to produce a final performance with them, they thoroughly enjoyed the experience of acting onstage. On San Cristóbal, they would not have otherwise had an opportunity like this.”

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Program Dates

Summer 2018

Session Application Deadline Start Date
Session 3 Apr 02 2018 Jun 03 2018
Session 4 Apr 16 2018 Jun 17 2018
Session 5 May 07 2018 Jul 08 2018
Session 6 May 21 2018 Jul 22 2018
Session 7 Jun 04 2018 Aug 05 2018
Session 8 Jun 18 2018 Aug 19 2018

Important Summer 2018 Dates

Fall 2018

Session Application Deadline Start Date
Session 1 Jul 09 2018 Sep 09 2018
Session 2 Aug 06 2018 Oct 07 2018
Session 3 Sep 03 2018 Nov 04 2018
Session 4 Oct 08 2018 Dec 07 2018

Important Fall 2018 Dates

Program Cost

Description Cost
One Week $2,650
Two Weeks $2,920
Three Weeks $3,205
Four Weeks $3,490
Five Weeks $3,775
Six Weeks $4,060
Seven Weeks $4,345
Eight Weeks $4,630
Nine Weeks $4,915
Ten Weeks $5,200
Eleven Weeks $5,485
Twelve Weeks $5,770

Apply today — How the process works

Submit a simple online application

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Upload program specific materials to an online portal

Receive your aceptance decision and begin your journey!

How the Process Works

To apply, click the “Apply Now” button below. You will fill out a simple initial application online and pay a deposit that is refundable if you are not accepted, and will be applied toward your overall program cost if you are accepted (not an additional fee). At this point, we will ask you to send us the following materials:

  • Your resume/CV
  • Your availability in U.S. Eastern Time for a 30 minute video interview with your Program Coordinator.
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Application Tips

  1. The Skype interviews are our first face-to-face impression of you. Show up on time, dress well, and be personable.
  2. Be clear in your interview about your goals for the program. We work hard to prepare your hosts and give them the chance to design an experience that is customized to you as much as possible. To do this, we need a clear picture of who you are and what you want out of your time in the Galapagos (and don’t want!).
  3. Make sure your resume is updated with all your relevant theatre experience, especially any experience you have teaching.
Request Information

Eligibility Requirements

  • Age

    Participants must be 18 or over the day they begin the program.

  • GPA / Student Status

    There is no GPA requirement for this program, students and non-students are welcome to apply.

  • Language

    While there is no Spanish language requirement for this program, it is important for applicants to understand that very little English is spoken by locals in San Cristobal, including in the homestay. Our Site Director William speaks very good English, and some of our onsite staff speak basic English. We will provide 15 hours of one-on-one Spanish instruction during your time in the Galapagos, and we will encourage you to prepare for your trip by learning as much Spanish ahead of time as possible.

  • Experience

    We give preference to applicants with at least one year of theatre experience. An audition video showing your current skill level is helpful, but not required.

  • Motivation

    We are looking for open-minded, flexible applicants who can clearly convey their passion for theatre and an acute interest in international travel and exposure to new ideas.

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