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Alumni Update #2: Bria de la Mare

Is it true that life continues after you return home from abroad?  Will you ever stop craving that one candy they don’t even sell here? These are the things you’re dying to know!  Never fear.  We’ve started asking for updates and well, let’s just say it turns out awesome people continue being awesome even after they’ve moved on from PAA.

Today’s Alum: Bria de la Mare, Theater Volunteer in Kenya, ’13

Something exciting…

I’ve just finished my second year at Acting School. We just finished our end of year show; an adaptation of The Wedding Dress by Nelson Rodrigues. We had a wonderful time and an even more wonderful surprise when Nelson Rodrigues’s (the Brazilian Shakespeare) Grandson flew from Brazil to see us! Next year it will be shows and showcases with chances to perform, devise and direct. This summer I’m getting to go to Greece to study Greek Theatre as recommendation from my school. It’s all coming together pretty nicely.


I’ve done a fair bit of performing since being back. I’ve done showings in Balinese, Indian and African dance.


I recently did a clowning solo (very scary) and a Commedia dell’arte piece. I also wrote and directed my own show ‘Bullseye’ as part of a Devising Festival.


Last summer a friend and I went to Krakow and Berlin for a quick break. It was more of a research project for myself as I was writing a show based on the topic of war and genocide, concentrating on the 2nd World War. It was a wonderful and enlightening experience (as travel always is) I was also fortunate enough to see a Cabaret in Berlin and Woyzeck at the Berliner Ensemble – one of the best shows I have ever seen.

Thanks Bria!  Keep on kicking butt and taking names!

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