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Som-hi Dansa Barcelona Internship

Hello! My name is Lulwa Gedeon and I am an intern with Performing Arts Abroad at a dance company in Barcelona, Spain from Lebanon.

Som-hi Dansa – Let’s Dance!!!

Now that I’m back, I find it really hard to have to sit down and put this experience into words… because all I was doing back then was actually living it!

My program consisted of a 10 week dance internship in Barcelona. And there is no better place to have done it than in Barcelona! The culture is just so rich that inspiration takes over your body, mind and soul without even realizing. Every day from 10 to 10, “Som-hi Dansa” was the place to be. I was introduced to theatre dance and found myself embracing it with every step I learned. I was also assisting in “Gimdansa” classes for the cutest niños; and had worked on a very interesting project of creating exchange programs with other dance schools all over Europe. All so overwhelming!

Dance In Barcelona

But “actually living it” meant that I had to attend dance classes where instructions were given in a language I don’t understand, at a professional level, and it was all new technique since I never did try out theatre dance before. Assisting in kids’ class meant that this time, the kids were given instructions in a language they don’t understand; where they are still at the very early stages of dance and every movement is critical. Keeping in mind having to handle a huge marketing project on my own with no guidelines or references.

Dance In Barcelona

Then come the moments that make everything worth it! The amount of trust and faith that my supervisor had in me, was so rewarding and motivating that it made me work even harder and do all what I can to benefit the school. Knowing how much the kids really looked forward to talking to me in English, listening to my comments in class, and standing in line so that I tie their hair made every simple task seem so valuable.

Dance In Barcelona

I remember this one time I was having the most hectic day and was about to crash. The same night, there was an open class where everybody could come and check out our choreographies. I just gave it everything I had. I threw in everything I learned and felt and couldn’t stop smiling. I still don’t know where I got the energy from or how I managed to pull it off after such a day… but above all I remember hearing my supervisor calling out with so much joy “gracias Lulwa gracias”.

These are the moments that I live for as a dancer and as a person. Moments like these where you feel so satisfied, as if you don’t need anything else from the world. Thanks to this program I got to experience this love of life.

Dance In Barcelona

It’s all about putting yourself out there, experiencing for your-self and exploring your options. Embracing the differences, accepting the change, and expanding your beliefs. So som-hi dansa, let’s dance!

Thank you, Lulwa, for choosing Performing Arts Abroad!

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