Thanksgiving Discount

Apply by December 1st with the code THANKSGIVING17, and you'll save $200!

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Let's take a moment to celebrate Thanksgiving!  We know it's an American holiday, and our applicants come from all over the world, but great food knows no borders!  Just check out the amazing pictures above, sent to us from our wonderful participants around the globe, and you'll see why we want to spread the love worldwide!

Not only is Thanksgiving a wonderful tradition filled with food, family, and gratitude, but it's the last, dwindling line of defense holding Christmas back from annexing everything after Halloween!  (Don't get us wrong, we LOVE it, but those jingles just weren't meant to be listened to non-stop for three straight months.)  So Thanksgiving needs a little help.  Let's name a special discount after it!  What better way is there to express gratitude for all of our wonderful applicants--and help prop up this scrappy holiday against the rising Santa Claus tide?

If you apply to ANY of our programs before December 1st, you can get a $200 discount off the program fee!

That's right, if you apply by 11:59 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time on Thursday, November 30th, and write the code "THANKSGIVING17" in the discount code field, you'll get a $200 discount off the program fee of ANY of our programs!  Remember, you only get the discount if you write "THANKSGIVING17" in the discount code field at the end of your application.

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Note: The discount does not apply to the application deposit you pay when you submit your application.  It is credited to the remaining program fee once you are accepted.

For more information, or if you have any questions, contact us.