Music Internship in South Africa

Assist with the administration of a community-based music development academy, and put your music skills to good use by helping local kids develop their talents.


This international music internship is an opportunity to assist an energetic, passionate team help change people’s lives through music while making friends for life with South African students who come from a broad spectrum of cultures. This is a professional experience assisting with the operations of music, dance, and theater productions at our music academy in White River, South Africa on the doorstep of renowned Kruger National Park, home to the Safari Big 5.

There is also an opportunity to assist with 2Enable, a software program developed by the music academy which focuses on three areas: 1. Member enrollment, management and communication and related event management. 2. Delivering free educational content to the public in general. 3. To assist Non Profit Organizations develop a diversified income stream thereby increasing their financial resilience and independence of big ticket donors.

The program offers opportunities for training, performing, and teaching, but the main focus is to contribute to the administration of the music academy and gain an understanding of how the music and arts profession works in South Africa. We want you to grow during your time with us and thus we will customize your Program according to your background and goals.

You will work at least 20 structured hours per week with oversight from our Program Manager. This will include weekly formal check-ins to determine progress and get feedback from both ends.

As an intern, you will be a valuable asset to our music academy, which gives a platform for local children, especially from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, to develop an interest in music and the performance arts: an idea that impacts their lives positively. Since the inception of this project, there has been an incredibly positive change in the community. Young adults in Kabokweni and surrounding areas are starting to harness their talents and take charge of their futures. Musicians and band from our project have performed alongside international act Ali Campbell (UB40), as well as local bands Mango Groove, Watershed, Elvis Blue and Judith Sephuma to name a few. Young musicians at our performing arts center also perform at corporate, private and public events, including several local festivals like the popular Innibos Laeveld Nationale Kunstefees. Recently, our performing arts students were invited to perform Ilizwi at the World Economic Forum in Cape Town at the BOE Nedbank Arena Waterfront.

Performing Arts Abroad intern abroad participants are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to take on a self-driven capstone project to complement their internship experience. This is a unique opportunity for you to complete a project of your own design and choosing with the guidance of a PAA advisor. In the end, you’ll feel a deeper connection to your international internship experience, and you’ll produce something that demonstrates your professional aptitude, what you have learned, and what you have contributed to your host organization.



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-Help manage a community music academy that works with local children and youth to develop themselves through music

-Live next to beautiful Kruger National Park, with a safari and visit to an elephant park included!

-Get real world arts administration experience, as well as a chance to work directly with promising young musicians


"Being able to travel across the world and experience music and culture that is completely different from mine was extremely eye opening. The people that I met and bonded with are like family now. Interning at the CMDA through PAA was hopefully the first in a long list of experiences that I will have abroad!" -Hillary Engel