Belize is a beautiful, incredibly ecologically diverse country settled between Mexico and Guatemala in Latin America. More than 65% of the country is covered by dense rainforest, meaning that the population is very low...only 300,000 people! This makes Belize the most sparsely populated country in all of Central America.

For such a small country, it is remarkable that Belize boasts 600 species of freshwater and marine fish, 150 species of mammals, and 540 species of birds. The coastline of Belize is bordered by the second largest barrier reef on the planet, which is a proud world heritage site.

In terms of human population and culture, there are ancient Mayan ruins in the mountainous regions of Belize that date all the way back to 500 BC. The ethnically diverse population of Maya, Mestizo, Creole, Mennonite, and Garifuna make for a rich and culturally intriguing experience.

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